May 23 – ABSOLVA – A Talk With CHRISTOPHER APPLETON (Lead Vocals / Lead Guitar)…Questionnaire By Stefan

I was kindly offered the opportunity to review the latest album of the English formation Absolva. As an avid lover of well-oiled heavy metal I immediately agreed, in the meantime my discussion is already online… check THIS link and read all about. I have the honor to have a conversation with one of the founders, Chris Appleton. Let’s plunge back in time where it all started for him, and the rest of the members, to take the phenomenon heavy metal to heart.

Stefan: Hello Chris, may I friendly welcome you here at Metal To Infinity! In these dark Corona times I hope everything goes well and that we will all soon be rid of this dangerous virus. Where did you get your ambition to become a musician in a metal band? How did it all start and who were your idols during your teenage years?

Chris: In my early years, I idolised guitar players and bands such as Bad Company, Gary Moore, AC/DC.

I got my first guitar when I was 9 years old. And although in later years I was mainly self taught, my father got me started on my first chords and lead guitar things.

First time hearing ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC, really was a mind-blower moment too.

Stefan: Because your brother Luke also goes through life as a metal musician, I wonder if you might descend from a musical family.

Chris: Yes. Our family has a very musical background. Our father is a very good guitar player, who played anything from blues/rock covers to playing material heavily influenced by Rush & UFO.

Our mother also is involved with music, she runs her own festival in Manchester as well as in the past doing PR for many bands and releases. It is a very nice thing to have a music family.

Stefan: I know the feeling of learning your first guitar chords, you’re trying to sing and then comes the moment you’re convinced to join a band… what was the first band you were both active in.

Chris: The bands in my younger days were the early incarnations of Fury/Fury UK. Back when I was still high school. I was always the band leader back then and obviously that evolved when my brother Luke joined also.

Also at the same time I was putting my own band together, I was playing in my dad’s covers band, playing alot of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, but also bluesy stuff like Walter Trout, Rory Gallagher & Cream.

Luke on the other hand because he was younger than me, he joined a band called Breakdown. Which was Luke on bass, and 2 brothers on guitar/vocals & drums. They won many competitions in Manchester for being so good.

But also incredibly young. Being something crazy like aged 11, 14, 15. But playing like they had already 20 years experience. That band was called Breakdown. Which was the band he was in before he joined Fury UK. READ MORE…