May 14 – Review by Stefan – COURSE OF FATE – MINDWEAVER (Rock Of Angels Records / Gordeon Music)

Fredrik Stad, Viken in Norway is the place where these guys come from, formed back in 2003 by guitarist Kenneth Henriksen who started writing new songs shortly after the release of their first EP entitled “Cognizance” which was preceded by a few demos. Available through Rock Of Angels Records, the new piece “Mindweaver” will be available as tri-fold/digipak CD and silver/white/black-marbled vinyl on May 15th. 2020.

This worldwide release is a must-have for all those into Progressive Metal akin the sound of milestone albums like Theater’ “Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory”, “Operation Mindcrime” (Queensryche), even Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” comes across my mind while listening. Singer Elvin Gunnessen and Kenneth Henriksen started to write the songs back in the day, “Mindweaver” unfolds a story about a  man experiences visions of world’s end. This brilliant concept album comes into its own from the first moment of a total playing time of 45 minutes.

Classy Progressive Rock/Metal from the top shelf, I wonder why this band hasn’t released an album much earlier. Course Of Fate consists of six members who I can say with conviction that they are overloaded with exceptional technical skills… each one delivers an outstanding performance. I really like the clear and stable vocals, the technical guitar licks and tricks, the quite complex drum techniques, strong bass line… even the fact keyboard actions are not really my cup of tea, the man behind these actions within the fold of COF offers me a moments of joy ! READ MORE…