May 06 – Review by Stefan – BLACK HAWK – DESTINATION HELL (Pure Underground Records / Soulfood)

This German traditional Heavy Metal band is working on a second chapter after their formation in 1981. From 1989 up to ’95 they brought out the “First Attack” EP and a demo entitled “5 By 5”. After a hiatus of 10 years, they returned to the scene with six full length efforts in line, stronger than ever before ! Since March 13th. 2020 you can admire the successor of “The End Of The World” (2017), ten new compositions spread over a playing time of 46 minutes and a well-liked production.

No doubt about folks, Black Hawk’s newest piece brings delicious food to the table for supporters of 80s Heavy Metal, with all ingredients from that time. Sturdy drum lines and only a single guitarist who keeps the band upright with fat riffs and solid solos, true 80s styled you know. The vocals are strong and suits the term Heavy Metal completely.

The fact that Black Hawk has remained true to the traditional way of Metal with the release of “Destination Hell” is a very nice gesture to me. The band has never been a big success, but their perseverance and belief in old school Metal has remained and I really appreciate that. This is yet another group in line that has stayed underrated, a shame really. READ MORE…