May 01 – Review by Stefan – SONGS OF A BROKEN FUTURE (Pure Steel Records / Soulfood)

 Always good to welcome a Metal act band from the united kingdom, this time I present to you the new album of Intense, a five-piece British formation that was founded in 1991. Formed by vocalist Sean Hetherington and guitarist Nick Palmer, first Intense released three demos after which a first EP saw daylight, “Dark Season” (1997). I’ve seen this release pass me by, but after a few searches on the internet it became clear to me that the criticism was following a favorable direction.

Afterwards no less than 4 demos were recorded before they chose to record a completely new album in 2004 entitled “Second Sight”. This was my first contact with the band and had a real good feel about their way of way better to define as Power Metal with NWOBHM kinda guitar moves, I was hooked on right away !

The sequel came with “As Our Army Grows” (2007) and “The Shape Of Rage” (2011), better, stronger and brought with an intensified sense of musical perfection. Step by step, they reached a higher and more mature image that resulted in well-written songs where fans of Heavy/Power Metal could celebrate their pleasure to the full. The level reached in 2011 was reasonable and with the eye on a new album I was curious whether they had enough quality inside the fold to do better; or not. An answer to that question has recently come to light, may I introduce you to Intense’s brand new album “Songs Of A Broken Future”. READ MORE…