March 27 – Review by OFFICER NICE – MALEFISTUM: Enemy (Fastball Music / Rock In.)

Bizarre times… COVID 19 spreads all over the world and people are locked up. You should think everybody is happy with these extra holidays, but now I hear a lot of people who want to work. Why? Because they’re bored. Well, I have no time to be bored because I need to work and, when I’m at home, I always have something to do. Listening to new music and re-listen the old things are the main business at home, besides cleaning up and keeping that little Corona bastard outside. Vinyl, Cd’s, DVD’s… I don’t care, there’s always something to spoil my ears!

Anyway, also for new music I need to find time and in my hands I have a band called Malefistum. This is the debut album and is actually a product something that lots of people might attract. Why? Because it ensembles different genres and different tunes. Because it also contains a very high musical quality and because there are several very gifted singers aboard. We’re talking about the beautiful Melissa Bonny (Serenity, Warkings, Ad Infinitum, Rage of Light), Zagan (Black Messiah) and Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance). Musical wise this band is using elements from European oriented Power Metal all over Pagan Metal, Gothic Metal and Symphonic Metal.. Besides the nice female timbres you can also here some grunts here and there. It makes this release even more varied…READ MORE