March 21 – Review by Stefan – SOLITARY SABRED: By Fire & Brimstone (No Remorse Records / Sure Shot Worx)

If I may speak for myself, I got to know this band, from Cyprus, during the release of their second full length album “Redemption Through Force”. It was self-financed limited effort that was filled with 11 songs for which I immediately had a lot of appreciation, Solitary Sabred brought to light that specific metal genre I’ve been cherishing for decades, US Metal ! Delivering a fabulous performance the band was rewarded with a high score at the end of my review. We are now almost six years further in time and my luck and pleasure can’t run out, the new album of Solitary Sabred was released on the reputable No Remorse Records (March 13th. 2020), a Greek label that has already released many high quality metal albums on the market !

Well, the Epic Power Metal Titans from Cyprus are back in business with their brand new “By Fire And Brimstone” album, loaded with 9 songs that are so close to my heart, I already proclaim this output to be one of the best releases of the last weeks or even months.

The cover artwork by Kostas Tsiakos (Warlord, Dexter Ward) looks high-profile again ! A soothsayer with bloody eyes, sitting at a table surrounded by her tarot cards, sword and skulls. Dark as the deepest caverns in hell, I let my fantasy run wild. The content of the booklet looks equally professional, filled with stunning images, texts and other useful information. Recorded in May-July 2019 and produced by Nikolas Moutafis & Solitary Sabred themselves, this is more than just an everyday album, take my word for it ! READ MORE…