March 11 – TEMPLE RENEGADE Interview

A while back I made the review for the debut album “The All Is None” of the Dutch Temple Renegade, according to my own musical preferences it couldn’t really convince me. Previously described by me as an alternative rock band, a genre with which I have absolutely no connection. Still, I want to give the band the opportunity to tell their story, everyone could use some extra support.

Stefan: When and by whom was the band formed ?

Sven: The band was called into life by Sven and Jerome in 2014 and was dabbling with heavy rock sounds in its fledgling days. Drum reinforcement was soon to be found in the likes of Sander, who has since been spearheading the band’s rhythmic adventures. The hunt for a bassist went through a few iterations and Angel turned out to be a keeper. Since then, the band’s sound started moving away from its rock roots and started to lean more toward Metal.

Stefan: Recurring question, what ambitions did you start with ?

Sven: We initially just wanted to play music, especially play said music live. We’ve all been in other bands prior and it was something that, at that point anyway, was missing from our lives. So, as the story goes, Temple Renegade was called into life.

Stefan: Who is who in the band and what does their curriculum vitae look like ?

Sven: Temple Renegade is:

*Sven Mundorf – Vocals, Guitar: Sven has a rich history playing in bands, from punk bands, to brit pop, death metal and others. Temple Renegade is really a natural evolution from those bands.

*Jerome Huss – Guitar: Jerome comes to us from more of a stoner-rock type background, he has also had some band exposure in the past and brings that to the table with TR.

*Angel Lopez – Bass: Angel was the latest addition in the band and completes the rhythm section lineup, he had been playing in Curacao of all places and got lost somewhere in Holland, so we figures, yep, we’ll take it.

*Sander van Elferen – Drums: Sander has also got a pretty big portfolio of bands and artists he has played with on drums and other instruments. From Zappa cover bands to psych rock, metal and so on. READ MORE…