March 09 – Review by Officer Nice – EGERIA: As Night Falls (Independent/Hard Life Promotion)

I’ve told you before that Gothic oriented Metal knows a revival. This kind of Metal was immense popular in the 00’s but waned somewhat in this popularity later. Nightwish still stands tall although I keep on missing Tarja Turunen in that band. Nevertheless many of the formations, who stood at the cradle of this subgenre, vanished. Meanwhile I notice more and more new bands are playing this specific and rather unique kind of Metal.

From out of Holland I received a CD from a band that listens to the name of Egeria. In the biography I read this band used to be a cover band. Front woman Nicole de Ruiter and keyboard player Max Vijgen decided to write their own songs and so this band saw the light of day. Musical wise I can say this is a Symphonic Metal band, a band that combines Gothic music with pure Metal tunes. The soft, often angelic voice of Nicole de Ruiter makes the feeling that this is a pure Gothic Metal band ,even stronger. What I hear are very good female fronted vocals from a good looking singer that really knows how to use her timbre. This woman is able to seduce the listener. Egeria is a mature band and the song writing is from a rather good level in this genre.

It all sounds bombastic, theatric and with the right sense of emotions. The guitar sound is good and makes the tracks really sound Metal! Good leads, intense played and performed by a good guitar player. Also the keyboards are worth checking this band out, this are in a perfect balance with the other instruments and are responsible for the typical atmosphere for this kind of music. I cannot say I heard tracks that grabbed me by the throat, there is still a lot of progression possible in it. It makes after all the difference, no? READ MORE…