March 04 – Interview CYCLONE

Cyclone, originally from Vilvoorde, Flemish Brabant is the best thing that ever happened to Belgium in the field of delivering outstanding thrash metal music ! What started as an ordinary passion for metal music in the early 80’s grew into a real sensation, everywhere Cyclone performed, the roof went off. Two albums were released, countless copies were sold, no Belgian metal band has ever had as much success as them. In 1993, the success story went down for more than 26 years but anyone who thought that the curtain had finally fallen on Cyclone was wrong. The good news is that they have picked up the thread again, with a new lineup they have already completed a number of try out gigs and it seems that they have never been away. Cyclone is back and we can only be very happy with that. I have a chat with founder and singer Guido Gevels.

Stefan: First of all, thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. How and when did Cyclone actually come into being, what did the very first lineup look like?

Guido: It all started end 1980, when I proposed to 2 guitar playing friends Pascal Van Lint and Johnny Kerbusch to form a band…we opted for the Centurion moniker but little later changed the name to Cyclone, I had the name from NWOBHM band Dervish that had a fantastic track named Cyclone on the ultrarare Kent Rocks compilation. We didn’t have a stable line-up for the first 3 years, especially the drummers came and went. Somewhere half 1983 we had the first real great line-up, Pascal Van Lint & Johhny kerbush on guitars, Michel de Rijdt on bass, Nicolas Lairin on drums and me on vocals. Read more…