March 01 – A Talk With GREG ‘Wags’ WAGNER (Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter, Producer)

I’d like to introduce to you a person who I’m sure deserves to be in the spotlight. Someone who lives for Metal music and can’t live without it. Through the years Greg ‘Wags’ Wagner  collaborated in multiple metal bands he will talk about later on this intie.  In addition to being a first class fretboard magician, he’s also known as vocalist, producer, engineer, songwriter,… . 

Wags’ life is totally dedicated to Metal music and I think this man should get a lot more attention and appreciation from the outside world. He’s an example for many others so I’m curious about his story. Let’s get straight to the point…

Stefan: Welcome here to MTI Greg. Where exactly are you from?

Wags: A small city below Canton, Ohio called New Philadelphia.

Stefan: How did you become attached to all that has to do with Metal music?

Wags: Well as a kid I grew up on Elvis, Fats Domino, etcetera. Until my classmate turned me onto Kiss’ “Destroyer” in the 4th. grade. I started getting into heavier Rock like BTO, Foreigner, Peter Frampton,… .Then I was introduced to Judas Priest’s “Hell Bent For Leather” and “British Steel” and that did it. METAL FOREVER!

Stefan: At what age did you start following this kind of music?

Wags: Around 10 years old I began my journey into music seriously as a listener.

Stefan: What was your very first band you joined as a guitarist?

Wags: Wreckage.

Stefan: From where the passion for playing the guitar. Who inspired you back then?

Wags: Chuck Berry, Paul Stanley, Joe Perry. READ MORE