April 07 – EGERIA Interview

Hello, here Rico from the Metal To Infinity webzine. I have some questions for you, hope you’ll like them.

Officer Nice: Egeria is a totally new band. I’ve read this was some kind of cover band before. Tell us more about the history, the big examples you covered and why plans were changed…..

Maurice: I joined the band after the transition from a cover band. Before my time the band played covers from Delain, Epica and Nightwish, among others. We played cover songs as ‘Over the hills and far away’ by Nightwish and ‘Our Destiny’ by Epica. The band started with a group of friends playing cover songs for fun, but it was never the intention to be a cover band. During the same period Nicole and Max, our former keyboard player, were inspiring each other by writing the first parts of some new songs. From there on they started to write our own music. Some of the former band members only wanted to play cover songs and decided to leave the band at that point I joined the band.

Officer Nice: Who are the members of the band and should we know them from previous bands?

Stephan: First of all there’s frontwoman Nicole, who founded Egeria in 2013. There’s been a several changes to the lineup, with guitarist Maurice is being the most senior of the current members, and bass player Joris following. The latest addition is myself, replacing former band member Max on the Keyboards. For Joris, Maurice and me, Egeria is not our first band or project, but I should like to think it is our most ambitious one so far. READ MORE…